About me

I think that beauty should be an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Especially for women who have always loved to beautify themselves in a variety of ways, for different occasions or just to have fun 😊 Makeup, powders, lipsticks, baths, hairstyles… and jewelry! What could be better than to complement your coquetry with beautiful earrings that will brighten your face, or to wear a shiny ring just for the pleasure of admiring your exquisite hands? The word Beauty ​​is feminine in many languages – another reason to celebrate it every day!

I have always loved to wear jewelry, to look at it, to change it. And thanks to my dear mother, who graduated from the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, from an early age I have an affinity for beauty, elegance, brilliance, the combination of colors and fabrics…. I was lucky enough to be born and built as a person in Paris, where at every step they surprise all sorts of combinations of elegance, extravagance, beauty, provocation, enchantment… As a child I painted a lot, then made brooches from anything, and a little later, jewelry became my passion. And I started making them mostly for myself and from time to time for friends and relatives. But then there was no Instagram, Facebook, Etsy…. The world seemed smaller. More closed. Or so it seemed to me. Today (almost) anything is possible and the limits are only in our imagination. So in this 2020, a strange year for all, I decided to cross my own boundaries and share what I find beautiful and pleasant, playful and unpretentious. I played with natural stones, metals, silk threads, river pearls and glass beads. Each model is unique, has a name associated with the magical world of music, and each selected song is performed by a woman. LE BOUDOIR de Simonne’s jewelry is eager to make women happy, which will give them life and beautify them in turn. I love the result of my creations, I hope you like it too! Today the world is big and beauty lurks everywhere <3