Как да изберем своя камък?

How to choose your stone?

When we want to buy a stone to wear as jewelry, or as a decoration or purification stone for our room, the most important question immediately comes: Which stone is for me? There are different ways to figure this out, and in this short article I want to share with you a few of them that I have tried and found to work 🙂

Follow your intuition: If you often rely on your intuition in life and are particularly receptive to the energies of stones, you can choose a stone just by looking at it. Often the choice of stone is made based on a heartbeat and good intuition.
Be guided by the colors: Even if you don't know the meaning of the colors of the stones, you can trust the colors that attract you. In general, this attraction is not trivial and can be a sign of perfect compatibility.
Read about the stones: On the Internet you can find many sources through which to enrich your knowledge about stones. There are also a number of printed publications: manuals, books, dictionaries and even complete lithotherapeutic directories. Thanks to these materials, you will be able to find the stones that really suit you in terms of virtues. You can also choose the ones whose history and background inspire you the most.

Choose according to your astrological sign: If you are a fan of astrology, you can choose your stones according to your sign. In fact, each stone has a certain affinity with one or more astrological signs. In this way, they contribute to emphasize, soften or compensate certain traits of your personality that are closely related to your sign. If you want to give someone a stone, choosing according to the astrological sign is a great idea to make sure you don't go wrong.
Choose according to the chakras: As with the astrological signs, each stone is associated with one or more chakras. For example, you can use a stone that affects the throat chakra to improve your communication skills, or a stone that affects the third eye chakra to develop your clairvoyance, intuition and creativity.

Choose the shape that suits you best: If you want to wear your stone as jewelry, you will have a choice between rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. If you prefer to carry a stone in your pocket, in your purse, or place it indoors, you'll have a choice of treated or untreated stones, druses, and geodes. And last but not least, if you are looking for a stone as a decorative object, you will have a choice between boxes, eggs, spheres and pyramids.