The Kingdom of Stones

Welcome to the Kingdom of Stones

“The gemstone has a specific life and has a special healing effect, as long as you know how to connect with its energy.” This was said by the great Bulgarian master Beinsa Douno many years ago. For me minerals are a real gift from God and nature. People have understood this since ancient times and have been using and processing them for thousands of years to make ornaments, statuettes, various objects and of course for jewelry and amulets. They are so beautiful that it is very easy to get used to wearing them both because of their beauty and their magical properties.Some of them can be found in many kinds of stones, but others are specific to certain minerals. That is why in most models of LE BOUDOIR de Simonne jewelry I combine different stones according to their shades and of course according to their influence on us.

On this page you can find brief information about the properties of the stones I work with. And much more about them – in the blog!

Agate is a protective stone with a powerful force that helps us repel negative waves and harmful influences from the world around us. This stone protects especially pregnant women and brings comfort in case of separation. It helps for good inner balance, increases self-confidence and helps us to accept ourselves as we are. Agate, used since ancient times, helps relieve many physical and mental ailments. It acts slowly but effectively on the body, soothing certain diseases such as skin problems, glaucoma, incontinence, constipation and nervous disorders. Reduces stress, fears and tension.

Amethyst stone is considered as the stone of humility and wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. This stone plays a big role and promotes not only meditation, concentration, but also spiritual elevation. It also takes care of allaying anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and grief. One of its remarkable property and a virtue is that it purifies places and objects, the physical body, but also the aura, and it has the power to purify and recharge other stones and minerals. By wearing jewelry with amethists, you will take full advantage of its properties throughout the day as soon as you wear it.

Aquamarine is the stone of the divinatory arts which clarifies mediumistic perceptions and clairvoyance. It makes communication with others more harmonious and strengthens a budding love or a fragile relationship, or by confirming an already established relationship. Aquamarine has a positive effect on the psyche and intellect, but it is also known to play a positive role in our physical condition. It is regularly used to realign the chakras in our body. and acts positively on the immune system that it revitalizes, strengthens and balances.

Chalcedony is a a stone with very positive vibe and brings tenderness and calm and attenuates the sadness. It influences essentially the frontal chakra and is recommended for people who are feeling aggressive and irritated. Chalcedony facilitates communication and dialogue, There are different colors and some fo them have specific power.. Blue, grey and purple Chalcedony help to get rid of unwanted things in our lives. It helps you avoid unpleasant emotional commitments that cause stress. Green Chalcedony draws our attention to how to treat others in a loving way. Pink Chalcedony devellops self-esteem. White Chalcedony, also known as “Mother Stone”, protects against negativism, clears the aura and stabilizes emotions in difficult times.

Pearl is above all a symbol of femininity. It brings peace and tranquility to the person who wears it and prepares it for the cycleс of life. It is often associated with water and the Moon, hence the belief that it balances emotions. White Pearls bring purity and spirituality. If they have beige shades, then they give softness to the character and have a calming effect. When the Pearl has shades of gray, it has the virtues of discretion and modesty. The Pearl with pink shades is associated with love, tenderness and affection. Finally, the Pearl with green highlights naturally reduces anxiety and allays fears.

Pink Quartz stone represents love. It is linked directly to the 4th chakra, the heart chakra. Pink Quartz represents universal love, but also tenderness. It is able to soften rather hard hearts and influences the pleasures and joys of love. The pains of the heart subside and fly away thanks to the rose quartz. Pink Quartz stone is also a stone of peace, love and friendship. It helps those who wear it to forgive, but also to respect, both themselves and others.