About me

Welcome to LE BOUDOIR de Simonne!

This is my personal space that I want to share with you. It's a part of my intimacy that's more meaningful when it's part of at least one other person's happiness.

I love jewelry in all its possible states and forms - when I wear it, when I make it, when I give it as a gift, when I sell it, when I see it perched on someone's ears or neck. Therefore, I open the door to my boudoir and invite you to peek under the lid of my jewelry box to choose those that best suit your nature and personality.

Every piece of jewelry is made with love. Each of them has a story. The history of the stone and the history of its creation. Each of them contains a part of my sense of beauty. And I like to discover and celebrate beauty. Especially when it comes to something as exquisite as the reflection of the sun on the ring on your hand or the reflection of an earring through your hair as you walk determinedly somewhere.

I have always loved wearing jewelry, looking at it, changing it. And thanks to my mother, who graduated from the Paris Academy of Fine Arts, from a young age I have been attached to beauty, grace, brilliance, the combination of colors and materials... I was lucky enough to be born in Paris, where at every step they surprise all kinds of things combinations of elegance, extravagance, beauty, provocation, extravagance... I couldn't help but start painting. Then I started making brooches out of whatever. And imperceptibly I developed a passion for jewelry. First, for herself. I was always different. Always with something unique about you. Then I started making and giving jewelry to my friends and family. They did not accept them modestly, they did not lock them in the closet, and to my joy I saw them wear and combine them with pleasure.

So while working in an office tested my administrative survival skills, jewelry saved the creative part of my soul. I knew that sooner or later my box would fill up and I would want to open the lid and share its contents with everyone. And in this strange year for all of us, 2020, the moment came without wanting it, but it insisted on staying and challenged me to open the boudoir just when the need to be beautiful in our own unique way was as if the salvation from the impossible reality that we all shared during of isolation.

Now my box is open. Come, look, touch, share my feeling.

Here you will find everything that I consider beautiful, pleasant, catchy and most of all individual without being pretentious. I work with natural stones, metals, silk threads, river pearls and glass beads. Each model is unique, has a name associated with the magical world of music, and each selected song is performed by a woman. LE BOUDOIR de Simonne jewelry is eager to please the women who will give it life and beautify them in turn... I love the result of my creations, I hope you like them too! Today the world is big and beauty lurks everywhere <3